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Katrina Elisse Caudle
29 January 2013 @ 03:08 pm

Hello loves!

I am officially planning my second art installation, this time based on my short story the "City With No Animals". I'm running an Indie Go Go campaign to help raise money for it at http://www.indiegogo.com/citywithnoanimals/! If you're interested, please take a look and spread it around to anyone you think might be interested! ♥
Katrina Elisse Caudle
04 August 2012 @ 09:53 pm
Last night I hosted my first ever immersive art event, in honour of Baba Yaga.

It was wild. A large room transformed into a magical realm full of art, story, & music. The Seeker’s Forest full of flower petals, poetry, eggs, metal, wood, & paper all wound together to create a place of enchantment. The Creature Museum, full of bones, feathers, portraits, and fabric creations to celebrate the primal instinct ~ the animal wisdom. The lair of Koschei the Deathless ~ a wonder with coloured glitter on black, treasure chests, sea shells, water, gold and jewels. Through this dream, fairytale creatures walked. The witch of the woods, the firebird, the lovers Marya Morevna & Koschei himself. Visitors were led through these realms and then escorted to the attic to meet Baba Yaga, a wickedly quirky old chrone who told fortunes and handed out her own brand of advice.

Afterwards, I felt happy and sad, energized and hollow. I felt like I’d poured so much of myself out into this world we created that lasted for a mere four hours and woke up empty but with so much more space carved out in me for future things.

I’ve learned so much the last few months. The first being – I can create. I can create the whimsical, craft the strange. I can make something with my hands that reflects what I see in my dreams.

The second is that there were many changes that needed to happen in my relationships with others. As the event drew closer and closer together, I fought with friends and lovers. I needed some that weren't around and had to step back from others that wanted what I couldn't give. The energy I poured into this thing had the effect of lessening my store of patience in other areas. Instead of trying to be caring and sweet, I let myself get mad, argue, set boundaries, drop things that just didn’t work, make mistakes, & see what happened. I had this really big, really amazing, dream-come-true thing happening and not only did it give me something beautiful to focus on, it also forced me to look at where I was letting others take what I needed to flourish and shine brightly. When I simply didn’t have the energy to give any more, shit hit the fan and it was messy. I learned who was generous or patient with me and who couldn’t see past their own mirrors. In true Baba Yaga style, I eventually just stopped caring what others thought of me and followed my own heart. That was also messy!

It wasn’t about creative control – there were whole parts of the event where I didn’t agree with other’s interpretations but that was more than okay. It was fabulous! Through the gift of their wisdom, I got to see Baba Yaga and her realms through other’s eyes as well as my own.

For me, it came down to how we worked together when the pressure was on. How did we handle stress? Improvisation? Communication? Disagreements? How did we shuffle around responsibilities when life stuff came up? How deep did we dig and how did we compromise as resources got tighter?

I survived, we survived, and I know much more about what energies I need to thrive & how to see what is truly the give and take of relationships built on love.

Number three is one of the most resonant, awe-inspiring truth I’ve had for a while. As I sat with our Baba in her attic holding a card that said “wealth” she laughed and I felt something stirring in me. I was meant to do this. There are many kinds of wealth and through this event, I found one that I have in abundance.

I found a way to make it happen. I found a way to bring this dream to life. Through stress, broken promises, heartaches, disappointments, and the strange kind of loneliness that comes from not being able to share a vision.

And I was blessed and felt humbled by those blessings. Others gave the event the gifts of their time, their energy, their advice and lessons, their inspiration, materials, their love, and their support. It came together so beautifully because of so many people who gave what they could.

When I woke up this morning, I was bone tired – aching, sore, empty of creative ideas… until I glanced at something and smiling, I thought of what I would do next time. A little flicker of fire in the heart. Because while other things made me feel tired, drained, frustrated, and sad – this event kept me going. Even though it was arguable the creature putting so much pressure on everything else, it felt like the anchor holding me together.
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
27 April 2012 @ 01:02 pm
I have been sicky for almost a week. While I really wanted to push through it and do ALL THE THINGS, I know the error of that stubborn mentality. So I've been pretty light on the activity this week, aside from taking pictures for an art project I'm working on for Faerie Dark. I cancelled a lot of things on Wednesday and spent the afternoon & evening sleeping on and off.

aceart is a gallery in the Exchange District of our city that I'm a member of. They offer lots of services to developing artists and they are very generously letting me use one of their rooms for the photos. They've got white walls which makes things very easy for what I want to do. A bunch of people have volunteered to help me out so I've been doing them in batches and it's coming along really well. I have some more this weekend on Saturday and Sunday and then I get to start playing with the images!

I've also been exploring different art resources in the city, for my own supplies and for supplies for the goddess festival fundraiser. I went to Artsjunktion a couple of times over the last few weeks and crafting supplies have slowly started to take over our living room. Next week, there's a drop-in art studio program where you can make things that Nyanko & I are going to check out. We've also been going to free yoga once a week & found another class to go a second time every week which is awesome. If I forget to mention it, my city is an amazing place to be. There are so many resources available to us. I feel like by using my resources in an intelligent way, I can really provide well for myself as I transition jobs.

Speaking of resources, I found a recipe on the internet yesterday for homemade glue using sugar, flower, water, and vinegar. o_O And apparently it dries clear?! I'm so excited to try this out. My crafting is going to be so awesome if I can make glue cheaply and in an environmentally friendly way. ♥

Over the next few days, I want to harvest some flowers that are growing in our area for my Flower Moon crafting next week. ♥
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
Saturday night was the New Moon, which means a new Glitterati chapter is released!

The Glitterati Society is a handbook to the art of enchantment and making magic. Each new moon, a new chapter is released and is available for purchase for $0.99! Once you've purchased it, you will be given a download link for the PDF file.

Here's a look at what this moon is about!

Last moon, we laid a path for magic by choosing enchanting spaces and making our love for them known with little gifts, crystals to clear the energy, and our intentions for beautiful things to happen. This moon, we're going to make a path for magic to find its way to us and make space to welcome what comes to visit.

You see, love - this coming moon is known as the Flower Moon. It is a moon of growing warmth, of welcoming and opening ourselves to bounty & abundance. It is when we welcome the Summer Queen and her court to our realm and seek her blessing and offer her ours.

Visit The Glitterati Society page for more info!

You can also visit The Glitterati Society page on Facebook!
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
17 April 2012 @ 10:46 am
The next Glitterati Society chapter for the new moon is ready to go up on Saturday! ♥

This weekend was pretty fun. We had a house part Saturday night, which was great. I also got to go swimming Sunday night for the first time in a loooooong time. I could barely hold my breath underwater! I want to find a way to swim more often. Adding that to my weekly physical activities would be so good for me. I think I'm going to have to start practicing capoeira through the week outside of class. I need more core strength to progress and we added some moves last night that I really had trouble with.

On the working end, I'm starting to look for photographers to do a photoshoot of me dressed as Mylene. I already have the perfect outfit that I bought last fall when I was writing the story. Heh. Should be fun. ♥ Today, I'm going to go out and put some money on my card to subscribe to a mailing list program. Eee! Newsletters!

Last night was meditation night with Baba Yaga. Last week I asked for some advice from the goddess ladies concerning a problem I was having. The second time I meditated on Baba Yaga, she told me next time to come through my body instead of my mind. Last week I tried it a couple of times... and fell asleep every time. Heh. One of the ladies gave me a few (sexy!) suggestions. Meditation has been a larger mental experience for me, so I wasn't really sure how to start the body work. But I spent last night just focusing on my body and trying to shift my awareness from thinking to feeling. It was curious. I had the strange sensation of my breasts being these super sensitive receptors to the world around me and of slowly unlocking these pathways in my next & shoulders. When I was done, I felt a little spaced and I was very intent on the orange I was eating. Priestessing with someone else is really interesting. I think bouncing off the woman I'm assisting is really helpful for me. I might have felt more anxious about not being able to connect to Baba Yaga in the way I'm used to if it hadn't been for her sharing her experiences.

I also started playing Pottermore last night. They sorted me into Slytherin. Which I find quite appropriate. ooooooo(:)~< Ssssssss!

Okay! Breakfast! Walkies! ♥ Much love!
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
14 April 2012 @ 01:54 pm
I have one thing to say. FUCK YEAH HUNGER GAMES MOVIE.

Woah. They did an awesome job. I loved the book and loved the movie. Whew!

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Katrina Elisse Caudle
13 April 2012 @ 12:02 pm
The last few days have felt a little like I'm getting to know a whole new community. Excited as I am about self-publishing and as many skills as I bring to the table ~ there's a large part of me that doesn't really know what it's doing!

I've been searching and getting recommendations for reading material, doing a daily morning meditation on the topic of "being in the now - letting things unfold in their own time - being supported and safe at every stage".

Surprisingly, this is taking a lot of "letting go". I don't want to set up a rhythm of overworking myself every day to make this work so I'm trying to learn to trust that everything is going to work out. I just have to keep a good attitude and keep working and listening to my body & heart.

There's also a huge amount of change happening in my household. Three of the five of us are moving out, Nyanko is staying permanently (yay!), and then two more new ones are moving in. I think I'm feel especially sensitive to these kind of things right now. I've been especially domestic and kitchen-oriented. I'm trying to make sure I get outside at least once a day. Capoeira, Monday Goddess meditation, and Thursday yoga with Nyanko are providing some really good routine for me. Mostly, all I can think about is Faerie Dark and how to make it better.

Baking and cooking are proving very therapeutic. In fact, I think I'm going to make some more bread and relax for a bit.
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
10 April 2012 @ 01:34 pm

Yesterday was a hard day. I cried a lot. I feel like I'm going through a breakup. But every time I cried, I felt lighter after.

In the morning, I went to Artsjunktion to pick up supplies for a Baba Yaga fundraiser we're putting together. It's going to be an interactive story-telling event, though I don't know what shape that's going to take yet. What I do know is that we're going to need lots of props. I got a whole bag of stuff, including some blue fabric to start making blue roses for visitors. I also happened upon some red envelopes, which was VERY EXCITING. "The Glitterati Society" is also partly inspired by a story I was writing when I was sixteen and every missive was delivered in a red envelope. I was in fact, considering how this was going to work - and had settled on just collaging some pre-existing envelopes into a red state (which I will probably still do) - but I was very delighted to find a stack of them waiting for me. Lucky! ~*

After that, we had a house meeting and then I spent the afternoon with Siobhan & Clea Fae (whose name is spelled with the very appropriate "Fae", not "Fay" as I have been previously spelling it! That was really nice. I forgot my book there & stole her socks. Everything must be an equal exchange. We went grocery shopping & then Siobhan made delicious borscht that I am now warming up for lunch.

We talked a bit about "The Glitterati Society" and this morning when we talked again, Siobhan gave me a little bit of a wisdom about my morning meditation to carry with me. I feel a bit like a spider weaving a web or like I'm playing a game. How am I going to make my living by creating? What paths are going to be followed, what will reap the most rewards?

It's almost like playing "Harvest Moon". It was a farming simulation game for SNES where you planted crops, watered them, and cycled them to make the most money. Through it all, you also got married and in later versions I think you also had kids. I feel like I'm playing a similar game. Planting different seeds, getting supplies, seeing what will come of it.

I'm feeling the rhythm of my life slow down. I knew this was coming. Whole days past by where I do a fraction of what I'm used to doing and it feels so much better. There's time to pause and process emotional experiences. There's always another day to do a certain task. I'm preparing for things in the future in advance. I'm making slow and steady progress.

Part of the reason I'm working towards being a self-published author is quality of life. I don't feel like I've been embracing all the things that make life a beautiful, sensual experience. What's the point in rushing around doing so much if I don't have time to eat, if I don't have time to take a nap if I want, if I don't have time to enjoy the things that I'm working so hard to have?
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
06 April 2012 @ 08:50 pm
Instead of working this afternoon, I had the best dinner and walk ever this afternoon with Siobhan and the lovely little Clea Fay who is FOUR MONTHS OLD OMGWTFBBQ. We went for sushi together and I feel so... whew, so gentle and happy. Siobhan is beautiful and amazing and Clea Fay is a pixie's delight. Magic. Magic. Magic.

Also, the folks at the sushi place were amazing. Right near the end, Clea was a little bored and vocalizing and the lady who was cooking in the back came and held Clea, walking with her for a bit until she had to go cook another order. It was really nice how many people who worked there smiled when they say Clea. What love. ♥
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Katrina Elisse Caudle
06 April 2012 @ 03:06 pm
Yesterday morning, my roommate Sarah M & I got picked up very early to help our friend Anna-Celestrya film a video! It was about faeries! We each got to be a different kind of faerie, along with Anna's sister. It was a lot of fun. I'd never been in a movie before. My faerie was a Prairie Crocus faerie, all purple and sweet. Anna's mother told me a story about the prairie crocus as she was getting me ready, about how the sun gave a part of it's heart to the crocus. It was really lovely. Funny enough, in the story the crocus was the first flower out in summer but in the filming, I was the last one. Quite a contrary crocus. ♥

After that, I went to have tea with Kir from the goddess festival, where I talked about a lot of the stuff that's been happening with Baba Yaga - including a hilarious story about a hand. We had some good conversation and she told me at the end that Baba Yaga is definitely working her mojo with me - but that I have to take care of myself. I was looking a little grey she said so today - I have nothing planned but what I want to do. And because what I want to do will probably be work, I have a cut-off limit for that.

I've been working on the second Glitterati chapter, which deals with the Flower Moon. It's a moon of welcoming to the Summer Queen, a time to introduce children to her care, for inviting her court to hang out, and for finding clever ways to hide magic is plain sight.
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